November 16, 2017

While we have been to a smattering of exotic places with the Crown, no location has yet to provide us with a more visually and culturally eye popping experience as the the coast of the Mother Continent. From watching lions turning buffalos into shredded beef, to chopping it up with the Maasai Mara tribe, there was no shortage of opportunities to highlight some of our newest Crowns. With our CA Padre Brick and CA Padre Beach being dead-on matches with our surrounding color palettes, we dove *Crown* first into our safari style photoshoots. .   

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Cody is an LA local who has been rocking with the Crown since the early days. While we first encountered him in the apparel industry, Cody began his cycling career long before we met professionally. 

In 2009, Cody was jumped at his local bus stop on his way home from school. To avoid a similar fate for her son, his mother bought him his first road bike. What started as means to an end blossomed into something bordering on obsession. As this new love for spinning spokes started off merely for transportation, it quickly developed into a deep desire to race competitively.

After hitting the circuit for several years, Cody helped co-found Team Fix Fixie. With a shared love for cycling and competitive racing, Cody and his team raised enough money and awareness to showcase their talents at a plethora of well established races. For Cody however, he quickly was recruited to an even more competitive squad, and has traveled as far as South Korea to compete on the international stage with Engine 11. 

With the release of our new Crown Commuter series, we could not have thought of a better person to give them their first test ride. Check out our teaser video courtesy of @FadeToBlake and be sure to stay tuned for more from @CaliforniaCrown & @CodyLovesToFlexx .


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CA Commuters > Water

July 18, 2017

It is easy to simply state that our new CA Commuters are the most well-rounded caps in the game. They have the fit, they have the functionality, and they have have the classic Crown looks. But rather than just say it, we decided to team up with our homie Blake Anderson (@Fadetoblake) and show the capabilities this Crown possesses.

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July 11, 2017

It is safe to say that we recently have been obsessed with actively inclined headwear, and the CA Commuter series is our direct response to what we feel is a lack of hats suited for individuals on the move.  With our mission in mind to create a durable yet practical crown, we combined locally sourced water-repellent nylon with a classic five-panel shape, thus creating the stylish silhouette that can also withstand nearly all elements.  

Below is one of our very first test runs that took place in the Marin Headlands outside of San Francisco. While we encountered mostly beautiful sights and classic California views, the weather was kind enough to throw some light mist our way, as well as some heavy winds. Safe to say, The CA Commuter did its job, and we left the scene feeling extra confident in our newest Crown.  

As with all of our California made Crowns, our first run is limited in quantity. Shop our latest collection here.

The Road To Hana

June 22, 2017

While traversing the rainforests and bending roads of Hana, we wanted to create a visual account of our CA Explorer field test. Although our bodies had a hard time holding up by the end of the journey, the Crowns proved to stay no worse for their wear.


Last week we spent a sunny Wednesday lounging around with Mychael (pronounced MY-Kale) Jamal. Although it was the first time we worked with Mychael, it was as though he was already a life long friend of the Crown Community. With his easygoing California demeanor, we were able to capture some half-candid shots in one of our favorite locations in the city. 

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May 08, 2017

Whether it is a classic snapback or a freshly made five panel, we know that Summer Morgan and Lizette Croes are going to make our premium Crowns pop on camera. See for yourself how they both capture the essence of the Crown from city skylines to the comforts of a living room couch:





March 19, 2017

Our CA EXPLORER caps were made with one goal in mind: To be the headwear solution for those who live active lives. Constructed from durable yet breathable North Carolina duck canvas, these five panels keep your head dry and cool even in the most unpleasant conditions.



November 22, 2016

From modeling for Canada Goose, chowing down on an artisanal burger, Summer Morgan is quickly carving out a name for herself across North America. Hailing from Canada, Summer has been playing the focal point for numerous major brands on the Best Coast. Lucky for us, we were able to catch her in between bookings to create some waves with our new suede strapbacks. Along with that, we were able to chop it up with Morgan, and learn a little more about the Mischievous Fox:

CC: Starting off with the basics, where are you from in California? Along with that, where are you currently?

SM: I was raised in Calgary, Alberta. Which is where I currently am. My hometown is Burlingame, California. My dad’s side of the family is in California and my mom’s side is here in Alberta.

CC: You've been a model for some time now. How did that all come about? Whats the genesis of The Mischievous Fox?

SM: A couple years ago my favourite store opened in Calgary. On a whim I happened to tag them in one of my photos and they posted me. Totally stoked, my Instagram blew up. From there I started to see something coming from that and I was scouted by a few agencies.

CC: Tell us a little bit more about your California roots. Any current connections to California?

SM: Like I said before, my hometown is Burlingame. My mom grew up in California where she met my father. My grandma and grandpa are in Half Moon Bay. My dad lives there too. Lots of family there. Lots of roots. So as soon as your team contacted me to work with you guys, I jumped on board. Always love supporting local brands. Especially if it’s coming from my hometown.

CC: You've been featured in some MAJOR ads. The one that jumps to mind is Sprite. How did that come about?

SM: I actually didn’t think I would have gotten that gig, it was a total shock. I was down working in Mexico City on my first international contract. I was doing lots of work down there but nothing of that caliber. I was, and still am, ecstatic I got that kind of job. Really blessed. Even with the 8 hours of having someone draw fake tattoos on me with a sharpie, haha.

CC: You also run a travel blog. How do you try and distinguish yourself in the vast ocean of travel and adventure bloggers?

SM: I just started a lifestyle blog with my good friend and photographer Chris Amat. We want to take a different approach to blogging. We really want to stay true to our roots and keep everything as real as possible. We don’t want anything surface level and we really want to make everything look new and different from the last. We don’t want anything too uniform because that’s not us. I change everyday and grow and evolve and that’s what I want for my blog.

CC: Whats up next for The Mischievous Fox? Anything we should be on the lookout for?

SM: You’ll have to wait and see! Good things coming


Click HERE Keep up with The Mischievous Fox. Also, huge thanks to Chris Amat for the killer photography. Both integral members of the Crown Community. 


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