March 19, 2017

Not merely a staple for everyday headwear, but a key component to anything outdoors. Our CA EXPLORER caps were made with the purpose of providing a solution to the complete lack of headwear suited for those who live active lives. With durable yet breathable duck canvas sourced from a family run mill in North Carolina, these five panels keep your head dry and cool even in extreme conditions. As always, we strive to push the boundaries of headwear, and ensure that our palette of materials withstand the rigors of an adventurous soul. 



November 22, 2016

From modeling for Canada Goose, chowing down on an artisanal burger, Summer Morgan is quickly carving out a name for herself across North America. Hailing from Canada, Summer has been playing the focal point for numerous major brands on the Best Coast. Lucky for us, we were able to catch her in between bookings to create some waves with our new suede strapbacks. Along with that, we were able to chop it up with Morgan, and learn a little more about the Mischievous Fox:

CC: Starting off with the basics, where are you from in California? Along with that, where are you currently?

SM: I was raised in Calgary, Alberta. Which is where I currently am. My hometown is Burlingame, California. My dad’s side of the family is in California and my mom’s side is here in Alberta.

CC: You've been a model for some time now. How did that all come about? Whats the genesis of The Mischievous Fox?

SM: A couple years ago my favourite store opened in Calgary. On a whim I happened to tag them in one of my photos and they posted me. Totally stoked, my Instagram blew up. From there I started to see something coming from that and I was scouted by a few agencies.

CC: Tell us a little bit more about your California roots. Any current connections to California?

SM: Like I said before, my hometown is Burlingame. My mom grew up in California where she met my father. My grandma and grandpa are in Half Moon Bay. My dad lives there too. Lots of family there. Lots of roots. So as soon as your team contacted me to work with you guys, I jumped on board. Always love supporting local brands. Especially if it’s coming from my hometown.

CC: You've been featured in some MAJOR ads. The one that jumps to mind is Sprite. How did that come about?

SM: I actually didn’t think I would have gotten that gig, it was a total shock. I was down working in Mexico City on my first international contract. I was doing lots of work down there but nothing of that caliber. I was, and still am, ecstatic I got that kind of job. Really blessed. Even with the 8 hours of having someone draw fake tattoos on me with a sharpie, haha.

CC: You also run a travel blog. How do you try and distinguish yourself in the vast ocean of travel and adventure bloggers?

SM: I just started a lifestyle blog with my good friend and photographer Chris Amat. We want to take a different approach to blogging. We really want to stay true to our roots and keep everything as real as possible. We don’t want anything surface level and we really want to make everything look new and different from the last. We don’t want anything too uniform because that’s not us. I change everyday and grow and evolve and that’s what I want for my blog.

CC: Whats up next for The Mischievous Fox? Anything we should be on the lookout for?

SM: You’ll have to wait and see! Good things coming


Click HERE Keep up with The Mischievous Fox. Also, huge thanks to Chris Amat for the killer photography. Both integral members of the Crown Community. 


Its no secret that we love to work with photographers from all over the world. From Mexico City, to Norway, and everywhere else we travel with CA Crown in hand, it's our mission to extend the Crown Community to as much of the globe as possible. Brazil with our boy @Chowmarley, however, has been undoubtedly one of our favorite sets. Pairing some of our latest threads with glimpses of back alley street graffiti, @Chowmarley was able to highlight and blend the vibrance of two cultures' artwork. Its raw, its real, and its what the Crown is all about:








June 4th, 2016 will forever be remembered as one of most lit nights to date in our brands history. We thank the Crown Community members who came through, because we could never do this without all of your support. For those who couldn't make it through, don't stress! Vol. IV is already in the works. 









April 20, 2016

The heat is here, which means it's time to Crown the Spring. From the hand crafted fashion tees made in Downtown LA, to the newest water-resistant snapbacks, we highlight the first wave of California Crown seasonal essentials.

Videographer: Blake Anderson

Model: Joseph Cammorata


Shop the look here: SPRING 2016

To grow globally, we have a firm belief that you need to first collaborate locally. With that notion in mind, we set out to work with some of the Bay Area's finest. Teaming up with photographer Jay Adams and 'Scout Agency' model Derrick Russell, we found the right duo to unveil the eclectic nature of our new Spring/Summer essentials:




With the coldest months gripping down on the West Coast, we teamed up with international model Summer Morgan and photographer Asim Overstands, to highlight our recently dropped heavy-weight hoodies, along with our brand new, 100% wool, 'Track Dad' hats. Since we figured El Niño would stir some shit up with the weather, we set out to source some of the finest winter-proven fabrics. Luckily for us, the goal to make a capsule that could withstand the chill was achieved, and now we're walking around like 38 degrees aint no thang. But we can only tell you about our newest drops, let the lit-ness of Summer and Asim show you:



As we strut through the Winter, stay posted for more collaborations, capsules, and collections. What we have lined up is going to make 2016 the year of the Crown. 


Stay Blessed, 


CC Team 

Meet Chelsea McGehee

October 27, 2015

It is quite possible that many of you have already come across Chelsea McGehee, but for those of you who haven't, here is a small peek at this SF camera killa. While a full time student at SF State, Chelsea also finds herself working with some of the most powerful people out there. From modeling for the revolutionaries of short shorts 'Chubbies', to working directly for Mark Cuban, Chelsea is making her presence known. When we met her, it was clear that she fit the bill for the California Crown Community. No surprise to us, when she got in front of the camera, this California native straight slayed it. To keep up with Chelsea, follow her @chelseamcgehee:





October 22, 2015

While we often talk about our international California Crown Community, this time around we are keeping it local with our girl Arley Elizabeth. While we have been talking with Arley for some time now, it took doing a shoot with her to figure out how extensive her reach really is. Aside from being a Corona Ring girl for some of the largest bouts in recent boxing history  -we're talking big card fights - she has also found herself on the race tracks working with some of the biggest names in the industry (Continental tires and Advance Tuner to name a few). Despite her recognition through various channels, Arley might be one of the most zen, down to earth individuals we have welcomed to the California Crown Community. With that, see how she rocks the Crown on a cold morning in Downtown LA:


Whether you're at the race track, or "finding your beach" ring side with a Corona, be sure to keep an eye out for Ms. Arley Elizabeth. 



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