Next to Gold

March 04, 2014

We here at California Crown are fortunate enough that we live in one of the dopest neighborhoods in SF. With every spot one would want to visit basically within walking distance from us, we used some downtime to take a journey towards gold (that being the iconic and always inspiring Golden Gate). While the destination was the focus, the in between moments reminded us why we love the SFC so G*D DVMN much. Take a second to see some of our favorite images as we marched towards the bridge we all love to see.


Brotha Niel in stride 



Like Cross Traffic -- The Crown does not stop 



That trolly hype 



How we use to create



Cruising in our streets 



Pigeon rocking his Air Yeezy 2 Red Octobers 



Brick squad building



Gold in sight



Thayer bearing the Crown






Pullin stars



F*ck Willy Wonka -- We got chocolate 



Brotha Niel and Russian Hill



Getting closer to the Oro 




Towering -- The Republic's bridge 



We take pride in our state, and our surroundings are what inspire us. It's structures like the Golden Gate that bring people from all over the world to see what California has to offer, and once they see it, they never want to leave.


Love your roots, love your culture, and bear the California Crown.  



Bahamas X Crown

January 03, 2014

While California is and always will be home (lets hope so at least), it is necessary to get away and see what is happening outside the Golden State. With one of our resolutions being to bring the CA Crown to the rest of the world, we took the opportunity to show off a couple of our recent pieces from our Winter collection while maxing out in one of the most remote parts of the Bahamian Keys. Although this market will probably never lead to anything financially substantial (populations of 600 are typically not very lucrative), it was absolutely dope-as-fvck to see the native's reaction to our gear. As we prep for more trips across the globe, enjoy some of the images we brought back with us from Great Harbor Cay.













































December 05, 2013

This morning marked the beginning of a truly significant day for California Crown. Before even being able to check the phone for daily emails, orders, and other nonsense (snapchat), the screen already had been blown up with news of California Crown's feature in HYPEBEAST's online Magazine. 

With over a million social media followers, hundreds of thousands of page views a month, and features with the top brands in the fashion industry, becoming a part of the HYPEBEAST family was monumental. 

While some of the comments showed a little less than love (we always appreciate some "constructive" criticism), we are extremely appreciative of the outpouring of support from our followers. Without all of you, this would not have been possible!

Again, we thank all of those who have shown us such tremendous support, and we remind everyone to bear the California Crown

The Main Event

November 06, 2013

we want to thank everyone who came and supported our Fall/Winter pop-up. It was a wild-ass weekend that we won't soon forget. Just incase you did -- which is possible -- here is another look at some of our favorite moments. 

we couldn't have done this without our community and family, and look forward to many more of these to come.


a huge thanks to our sponsors Drake's Brewery, Cyrus Noble, and Asterisk Gallery.


October 31, 2013

In the spirit of Halloween, we felt it necessary to give a glimpse of a local monument that is not only our neighborhood's backdrop, but also a place that has fear etched into it's history – Alcatraz. 

Founded in 1775 by Spanish explorer Juan Manuel de Ayala, the island was initially set up as a military reservation to protect the San Francisco Bay. With the waters proving to hard to invade – damn straight -- the base began its transition from military stronghold, to one of the most infamous prisons in history. 

From criminals like Al Capone, Alvin Karpis (first ever “Public Enemy #1”), and the infamous Birdman, Alcatraz housed some of the baddest men of the gangster era. Yet, even with the likes of these thugs, the island prison proved to be an inescapable fortress (of the 14 attempts, none were confirmed successful). 

While the prison proved to be too expensive to run, the iconic bars still remain as one of the leading tourist destinations to this day. With millions of people each year coming to see what this small island offers in the way of historic imagery, its easy to see that what happened on Alcatraz will always offer an element of fear.

Getting Wavey

October 21, 2013

Northern California is not usually the first place people think about when beaches come to mind. Even with Mavericks being the metaphorical backyard to San Francisco, and with Bay Area’s beaches being a somewhat forgotten bit of dope-ness, we took a day to hit the local coastline and get a little wavey. 

While checking out the rocky cliff sides, we brought along the Tahoe crewneck to showcase one of our first design concepts we ever developed. Thankfully, the heat of the Indian summer took a day off, and we were able to stay warm with our crewnecks on the chilled beachfront.

With the luxury of these northern beaches, grab your favorite hoodie, hop out of the urban life for a minute, and hit the sand.

with 7x7SF being one of the go to publications for all things awesome in the SFC, we couldn't be happier about our recent feature in Lily Ko's Seven Favorite ThingsWe truly appreciate Lily's amazing post and encourage everyone to follow her, and the rest of the 7x7SF team! 

Stopping In Sausalito, CA

September 25, 2013

It’s finally that time again; it’s the season for cold weather wear. While the SF heat is an anomaly that we thoroughly appreciate, throwing on a hoodie on a crisp night is hard to top.

With summer turning into fall, we take this opportunity to showcase a couple of our favorite pieces from our recent collection, as well as some of the natural settings that inspire us.

While getting our Otis on and maxin’ on a dock in Sausalito, we threw on the "Gold Mine" sweater in combination with the "Camo Emblem" strapback. Layering black garments is a theme that will be a part of collections to come, however we are always looking to highlight our dark layers with a variety of detailing. While bearing California Crown, the scenery that surrounds us becomes even more of a source of inspiration.

Welcome to California Crown

September 01, 2013

California Crown is finally back online, and we could not be more excited. Although we were absent from the web game for a little, we were working towards bringing out our highest quality collection to date. With the 2013 Fall and Winter coming, we had a very clear idea of what we wanted to see.

With this latest collection, each of the designs and colorways reflect our passion for the cultural and natural surroundings of Northern California. Yet, the true focus on the series was the feel and fit of the garments. By using only top quality fabrics from multiple parts of the globe, the core basics was to aim for ultimate comfort, without sacrificing style or a clean cut. From our authentic leather bound strapbacks to our Peruvian cotton hooded sweatshirts, each garment ultimately looks to fill the void between street, lounge, and higher end men's wear.

 “Heavy is the head that bears the Crown” Thus, we ask you: Can you wear it?"